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This handbook is a valuable introductory tool that presents research-based thinking and the practice of teaching by scientists who are committed educators.

The ARMAS in Education center has a variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) text books that are available to students for center use. If you would like more information on the text books the center has please feel free to stop by the center or call us at 505 426 2010.


New Microscope Opens Up Research Opportunities for Geology Students ​Dr. Jennifer Lindline and Dr. Michael PetronisLas Vegas, N.M. – A new state-of-the-art microscope at Highlands University will open up new research and employment opportunities for geology students. A National Science Foundation grant funded the $43,642 high-magnification microscope that makes it possible to identify and analyze very thin sections of minerals at the 30-micron level. “There’s a small but economically important subset of minerals that contain elements like iron, copper and lead that can only be identified in reflected light like the kind this new microscope provides,” said geology professor Michael Petronis, the principal investigator, or lead researcher, for the




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