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505-454-3263  Ivan Hilton Center For Science Technology  Fax: 454-3103   

Roberta L Lisenbee

  Biology, Department Secretary  Phone: 505-454-3263  Room: HSCI-331

Sara Corey-Rivas Ph.D.  

  Biology  Research Assistant Professor  Phone: 505-454-3301  Room: HSCI-133

Dick Greene

  Biology  Professor  Phone: 505-454-3365  Room: HSCI-323  Fax: 454-3103

Carol Linder

  Biology  Associate Professor  Phone: 505-454-3267  Room: HSCI-327

Ben Nelson 

  Biology  Assistant Professor  Phone: 505-454-3305  Room: HSCI-326

Jesus Rivas

  Biology  Assistant Professor  Phone: 505-454-3292  Room: HSCI-337

Maureen Romine

  Biology  Professor  Phone: 505-454-3264  Room: HSCI-324

Daryl Williams 

  Biology  Stock Room Manager, Field & Lab Equipment  Phone: 505-426-2259  Room: HSCI-157


  505-454-3244  Ivan Hilton Center For Science Technology  Fax: 454-3202    

Gloria Garcia

  Chemistry  Department Secretary  Phone: 505-454-3244  Room: HSCI-231

Patrick Geagon 

  Chemistry  Chemistry Stockroom Manager  Phone: 505-454-3550  Room: HSCI-262

Brooks Maki 

  Chemistry  Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry  Phone: 505-454-3167  Room: HSCI-233

David Sammeth 

  Chemistry Professor  Phone: 505-454-3100  Room: HSCI-232

Jan Shepherd 

  Chemistry  Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry  Phone: 505-454-3464  Room: HSCI-234

Tatiana Timofeeva 

  Chemistry  Associate Professor  Phone: 505-454-3362  Room: HSCI-235

Qiang Wei 

  Chemistry  Chemistry Research Scientist  Phone: 505-454-3208  Room: HSCI-135

505-454-3295  Ivan Hilton Center For Science Technology  Fax: 454-3169    

Ken Alford 

Computer Science, Math  Mathematical Sciences Professor  Phone: 505-426-2121  Room: HSCI-225

Crystal Encinias 

Computer Science, Math  Department Head Secretary  Phone: 505-454-3295  Room: HSCI-228

Gregg Turner Ph.D. 

Computer  Science, Math   Associate Professor, Department Chair  Phone: 505-454-3304  Room: HSCI-227

Carlos Martinez  

Computer Science, Math  Instructor of Mathematics  Phone: 505-454-3203  Room: HSCI-223

Joseph McCaffrey Ph.D.  

 Computer Science, Math  Instructor of Physics  Phone: 505-454-3165  Room: HSCI-134

Kazumi Stovall 

Computer Science, Math  Instructor of Mathematics  Phone: 505-454-3268  Room: HSCI-226

Geology, Environmental

Roberta L Lisenbee 

Natural Resources  Department Secretary  Phone: 505-454-3263  Room: HSCI-331

Michael Petronis Ph.D.

Natural Resources  Assistant Professor  Phone: 505-454-3513  Room: HSCI-322  

Jennifer Lindline PhD

Natural Resources  Associate Professor  Phone: 505-426-2046  Room: HSCI-336 


505-454-3263    Fax: 454-3103    

James Biggs 

  Natural Resources  Visiting Assistant Professor of Forestry  Phone: 505-426-2067  Room: HSCI-293


Geology Prof’s Research to Produce High Plains Aquifer Subsurface Map ​Highlands geology professor Michael Petronis, left, and geology senior Darren Lemen collect magnetic data from the High Plains Aquifer using the new automated core analysis system in the university’s state-of-the-art paleomagnetic lab.Las Vegas, N.M. – A Highlands University geology professor’s research will produce the first subsurface geologic map of the High Plains Aquifer, providing vital information for future water management in this aquifer that supplies nearly 30 percent of the groundwater in the United States. Historic declines in water levels in the nine-state High Plains Aquifer, which includes New Mexico, have created growing concerns about the aquifer’s long-term sustainability. “Groundwater



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