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Link to National Center for Educational Stats

Link to Latino Students and the Educational Pipeline

Link to EPIC Educational Policy Improvement Center


Link to College Board

Link to CSSIA Fostering STEM Diversity

Link to Utah State University Phych'd Out Workshop Series

Link to Flaguide The FLAG offers broadly applicable, self-contained modular classroom assessment techniques (CATs) and discipline-specific tools for STEM instructors interested in new approaches to evaluating student learning, attitudes and performance.

Link to University of British Columbia study guides.

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Link to Framework for Evaluating Impacts of Informal Science Education Projects Report from a National Science Foundation Workshop

Link to Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development

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WK Kellogg Foundation Grant 


HU Professor Keynote Speaker at Biology Conference ​Jesús RivasLas Vegas, N.M. – A New Mexico Highlands University biology professor will be the keynote speaker at a major biology conference in Mexico. Professor Jesús Rivas is a Venezuelan-born herpetologist – a biologist that studies reptilian and amphibian species. He is the world’s foremost expert on green anacondas, a nonvenomous tropical constrictor snake that can exceed 200 pounds. Rivas has studied anacondas for 24 years and founded the ongoing Anaconda Project in 1992, with a focus on research and conservation.  “Worldwide, biologists are targeting conservation research because of the gravity of the wholesale assault on the environment, from extinction




The average cost of college with living expenses can get expensive.  The purpose of a college grant is to make your education more affordable. These grants are available to students who need and qualify for financial assistance. Students who are seeking grant money will find some resources on the following pages.


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