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STEM-H Center's Educator Professional Development Workshops

STEM-H Educator Professional Development Series

This Series provides teachers with opportunities to engage in professional development specific to including inquiry-based science/math in their classrooms. It also supports students in independent inquiry-based research projects leading to local and/or regional as well as potentially state and/or international competition

By engaging in part of all of the series, STEM-H educators can prepare themselves to establish or enhance a student research program in their school.

The capstone workshop is "Project Management for Professional Educators," the development of which has been a collaborative effort with the Continuing & Professional Education Department at Virginia Tech (Jennifer Carter, MA, PMP).

This workshop offers educators project management skills that not only give them the tools to manage a student research program, but also the ability to easily apply for supplemental funding using the language of business/industry, thus giving them a leg up in the world of competitive philanthropy!

The STEM-H Educator Professional Development Series will continue to grow and evolve over time as needs are identified and incorporated.


The team of the NMSU STEM Outreach Center is dedicated to increasing the achievement and participation of K-16 students in the STEM fields. The future economic well-being of New Mexico and our nation depends on students who have internationally competitive skills in mathematics and science. It is also essential that students are motivated to enroll and complete post-secondary programs leading to highly skilled STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers. But for the present, we are in a crisis situation pertaining to STEM education.  For example, in South Korea 37% of the under- graduate degrees awarded are in the STEM fields; 47% in France; 50% in China, and 67% in Singapore. Only 15% of the U.S. undergraduate degrees are in the 


Edward Martínez Named Professor of the Year ​Highlands University natural resources management professor Edward Martínez, right, talks with Eliza Montoya about her research poster at Research Day 2015.Las Vegas, New Mexico – Highlands University named natural resources management professor Edward Martínez as Professor of the Year for 2014 – 2015. A coalition of 21 Highlands science students nominated Martínez for the honor, writing: “As an instructor, Dr. Martínez consistently brings interest and passion to every lecture, field trip, and lab exercise, along with ensuring that every assignment is more challenging than the last. This enthusiasm spread to his students, which increases students’ thirst for knowledge and commitment



Teacher Professional Development Opportunities

Every September and October the STEM Outreach Program hosts the fall Workshops.

We are excited to bring you an ever expanding STEM-H Educator Professional Development Workshop Series in 2014! Please note that several of our workshops will be open to BOTH educators and high school student researchers! Information on the workshops will be posted in early summer of 2014.

All STEM-H Educator Professional Development Workshops are FREE. Light breakfast and lunch are provided for full day sessions. Light dinner is provided for evening sessions. If you have any questions, please call (505) 277-4916 or email us at We look forward to seeing you!


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