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  • Join your fellow educators by sharing your favorite lesson plans, tips, tricks, ideas, presentations, websites, videos and other STEM related resources that may prove useful for others who want to expand their classroom materials. Looking to grow your own library of resources to inspire your students? Browse this intriguing and ever-broadening collection of resources already submitted by your peers. Visit the STEM resources area often, as this area will continue to expand as more and more educators upload multimedia tools each day.
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New Center for Teaching Excellence Open House November 20 ​Las Vegas, N.M. – Increasing student success through ongoing faculty development is the aim of the new Center for Teaching Excellence at Highlands University.There will be an open house at the Center for Teaching Excellence Nov. 20 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., with opening remarks at 10 a.m. The center is in the Victoria D. Sanchez Teacher Education Center, Room 102, 1031 11th St. “The primary goal of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to provide Highlands faculty and instructors with the tools and knowledge to help their students be more successful,” said Diana Marrs, CTE director. “The center will




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