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ARMAS(Achieving in Research, Math and Science) in Education has provided grant funded internship opportunities to upper level science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students and research fellowships to incoming freshman STEM students since Fall of 2010.  Internships enable students to earn money in their field of study while gaining experience and building community partnerships.  The semester and summer internships are related to students’ future career choice there by allowing students to experience work in their field of study prior to making a career choice.  These internships allow students to make informed decisions about their future.  The undergraduate research fellowships are paid faculty-lead research and mentoring opportunities for STEM students early in their academic careers.  Since 2010 dozens of student interns and fellowships combined have been placed with faculty and numerous area partner-agencies.  ARMAS in Education community partner include but is not limited to the US Forest Service, Rio Mora Wildlife Refuge and V's Organic Farms. These partners have enriched the lives of the interns with specific professional skills and experiences. 


Students Volunteer in Africa to Teach Revolutionary Ultrasound Device to Medical Students June 14th, 2017Las Vegas, N.M. – New Mexico Highlands University students are volunteering in Namibia, Africa, this summer teaching medical students and others how to use a revolutionary hand-held portable diagnostic ultrasound device that has the power to save lives.Molly Enenbach, a 2016 Highlands biology graduate who begins medical school in August, and James Foster, a Highlands biology senior, are demonstrating how to use the low wattage device the size of a smartphone or computer tablet that is used to diagnose disease and trauma conditions. Zoe Diener, a 2017 New Mexico Tech biology graduate and former student body president, also




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