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Career Services, a department of the Office of Student Affairs, provides a variety of free services to all New Mexico Highlands students and graduates in developing effective job search skills, career planning, and locating employment opportunities including summer internships and research programs, part-time jobs and career employment. Career Services does not secure employment for students, but rather provides valuable resources and training to conduct effective employment searches.

Top Internship Sites on the Web - Several of these sites are excellent choices for just about any type of internship while others focus more on specific career fields or areas of interest. 


Endangered Boreal Toads Donated to Zoos May 17th, 2017Las Vegas, N.M. – New Mexico Highlands University is donating endangered boreal toads raised from eggs in a biology laboratory at the university to zoos in the U.S. for conservation efforts and education.Boreal toads are extinct in New Mexico. The Detroit Zoo National Amphibian Center, Denver Zoo, and Staten Island Zoo are accepting the live toads as part of a nationwide effort to preserve the species. “Boreal toads play an essential role in mountain ecosystems, primarily through providing nourishment to other species,” said Highlands biology professor Sarah Corey-Rivas, who leads the boreal toad research project at the university.



​Use Careers.Org to investigate more than 150,000 pages about online degrees and universities, jobs and occupations, and entrepreneurial opportunities from the #1 site for career resources in the United States, Canada and across the world.  Find detailed information about hundreds of colleges and universities in the United States and abroad, along with in-depth profiles of thousands of related academic programs, occupations and industries.

Natives in STEM is a new collaborative project between NM EPSCoR and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society.


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