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At most universities, freshman chemistry, a class I've taught for nearly 40 years, is the first course students take on the road to a career in the health professions or the biological or physical sciences. It's a tough course, and for many students it's the obstacle that keeps them from majoring in science. This is particularly true for minority students. 

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Program Provides Blueprint for Recruiting Minorities to Science and Engineering

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The MIE Fact Book 2005, developed under an NSF grant to Systemic Research, Inc., provides detailed results about each institution's recruitment and support of students and faculty. Electronic copies or free printed copies (with an accompanying DVD) can be accessed at;

The Model Institutions for Excellence Program's Successful Leadership in STEM Education, which is available at and

The Science Diversity Center The center is a Web-based comprehensive one-stop STEM educational resource tool designed to help federal agencies that fund STEM education initiatives share timely program and project information in a user-friendly format with students and others; share information on strategies that address the nation's STEM workforce needs, and foster increased participation in STEM fields by individuals from groups currently underrepresented in STEM.

A Report from a National Meeting on the Measurement of Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Teaching.


Drive Begins to Endow Dr. Amai Chemistry Fund  6/3/2014 ​Dr. Robert Amai Las Vegas, N.M. – The Highlands University Foundation launched a fundraising campaign to raise $2,800 to make the Dr. Robert Amai Fund for Chemistry Students a permanent endowment. The fund, named after a popular Highlands professor emeritus, has provided dozens of scholarships for outstanding chemistry students. The university’s Chemistry Department and the student Chemistry Club spearheaded the fundraiser. “Dr. Amai’s passion for chemistry is evident even to those who have only met him a handful of times,” said organic chemistry professor Brooks Maki, who advises the Chemistry Club. “It’s fitting that these awards inspire and reinforce the students’



​Preparing Students for College and Careers in STEM

Recent attention to uneven STEM education quality and outcomes is resulting in an unprecedented opportunity for improvement. For the first time in U.S. history, educators and policy makers are working together to institute rigorous, common academic standards in mathematics and science across every state. The standards aim to outline the essential knowledge and skills that all students need in order to be truly ready for college and careers in each discipline in the 21st century. They emphasize conceptual understanding over memorization of facts, engagement in the practices of science and mathematics, and greater coherence across grade levels.

AAUW, Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing

Four tips for reading a scientific paper-Don’t let dense writing and big words put you off. Need to read a scientific paper? Get prepared to write stuff down.


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