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Supplemental Instruction / SIL Course Schedule

In the summer supplemental instruction is not offered due to classes being in recess. 

For the Fall 2017 supplemental instruction schedule click HERE!. 

What is the difference between academic tutors and supplemental instruction (SI) leaders?

Many students are confused by the difference between tutors and SI leaders, especially since they seem to do the same thing, which is helpful to students. But

they are different in key ways.Tutors are often generalists and are available to tutor, both individually and in small groups, a variety of freshman and sophomore courses. 

As generalists, tutors have taken classes in the discipline they are tutoring in. However, they may not have taken the exact class you are in, nor your instructor. 

Tutors do have strong backgrounds in the area they are tutoring and have various approaches to the material. SI leaders, on the other hand, work much more closely with the class the class they are leading. They attend class with the students and often get direct preparation from the instructor. Furthermore, SI leaders did take a class with your instructor and did quite well. That is why they were recommended by your instructor to lead SI sessions for your class. SI leaders will offer 2-3 group study sessions every week.

They normally do not work individually with students but are more like teachers. They even do lesson plans.Tutors and SI leaders both attend training to become better student helpers. 


Students, Faculty Honored for Outstanding Leadership Photo:​Highlands forestry senior Juan Jauregui, at right, receives his Student of the Year Award from Margaret Gonzales, Campus Life director. Jauregui, 22, is a Sapello, N.M. native. In the middle is Marc Estrada, another nominee for Student of the Year.Las Vegas, N.M. – Highlands University students, faculty and staff were honored for their outstanding leadership and other contributions to the university at the 17th Annual Student Leadership Recognition Banquet on April 8. The Office of Campus Life directed by Margaret Gonzales organizes the event each year. “Leaders are individuals who know how to achieve goals and inspire others along the way,”




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