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Supplemental Instruction / Testimonials on Supplemental Program

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Supplemental Instruction Leaders Testimonials:    

Jacob Kelly


Edward Martínez Named Professor of the Year ​Highlands University natural resources management professor Edward Martínez, right, talks with Eliza Montoya about her research poster at Research Day 2015.Las Vegas, New Mexico – Highlands University named natural resources management professor Edward Martínez as Professor of the Year for 2014 – 2015. A coalition of 21 Highlands science students nominated Martínez for the honor, writing: “As an instructor, Dr. Martínez consistently brings interest and passion to every lecture, field trip, and lab exercise, along with ensuring that every assignment is more challenging than the last. This enthusiasm spread to his students, which increases students’ thirst for knowledge and commitment



​A video highlighting Purdue's academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted, regularly-scheduled, informal review sessions. The sessions are facilitated by student "SI Leaders" who have previously done well in the course and attend all class lectures.


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