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PASS (Pathways in Achieving Students Success) grant was received from the United States Department of Education award (PO31C110033) under the FY 2011 Title II, Part F, Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Articulation Program  which provides grants to assist Hispanic-Serving Institutions to develop and carry out activities to improve and expand the HSI’s capacity to increase the number of Hispanic students and other low-income students who enter into and complete educational opportunities in STEM fields of study, and develop model programs for Hispanic students’ successful transfer from 2-year Hispanic institutions (LCC) to 4-year institutions (NMHU) in STEM fields of study.

WK Kellogg (P3020826) grant was received to further the ARMAS mission the goal is to provide faculty development, provide intensive support for freshman STEM majors needing mathematical remediation, expand access to the ARMAS center support activities, provide internship opportunities with STEM employers as well as research opportunities for students. 

USDA GAINS (01933) grant is the Geospatial Applications in Natural Sciences (GAINS) Lab is New Mexico Highlands University’s geospatial technology resource center. It was developed through funding from the USDA Hispanic Serving Institutions Education Grants Program It is managed by the Director of Geospatial Technology, under the supervision of the Natural Resource Management Department Chair. The GAINS Lab has a full suite of geographic information systems (GIS) hardware and software. It maintains a broad variety of geospatial applications including cartography, geospatial analysis, remote sensing, and Global Position System data acquisition and processing. 

USDA-NIFA-HSI PROPEL (004449) grant is Promoting Real Opportunities for Professional Experiential Learning.  Project Propel seeks to increase retention and graduation rates of students from primarily low-income rural communities in Northern NM and increase readiness for careers in Natural Resources Management (NRM). Thirty-two student participants will complete internships focused on Climate Change and Water Quality while concurrently participating in newly developed NRM Career Development Course.  NRM agency partners and NMHU faculty will be trained in effective mentoring practices and NRM students will receive support services at ARMAS.   


AAUW Tech Trek at Highlands Targets Girls for Science and Math ​Las Vegas, N.M. – Eighth grade girls from around New Mexico gained hands-on science knowledge from Highlands University women faculty at an AAUW Tech Trek Camp aimed at building confidence and stimulating interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.The American Association of University Women New Mexico sponsored the camp July 12 – 18 in collaboration with Highlands University. Forestry professor Sara Brown taught two workshops during Tech Trek titled,Wildfire Science: It’s Hot! “Research shows that if you engage girls’ interest in science in their middle school years they are much more likely to pursue STEM professions,” Brown said.




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