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General Ed Core Course Transfer Curriculum

In accordance to state law (Chapter 21, Article 1B NMSA 1978), the New Mexico Higher Education Department has established policies to guarantee successful transfer of completed core courses between New Mexico postsecondary public institutions.

Lower Division General Education Course Transfer Curriculum

Area I: Communications 9 semester hours

(a) College Level English Composition 3- 4 hrs.

(b) College Level Writing 3 hrs.

(c) Public Speaking 3 hrs.

Area II: Mathematics 3 semester hours

(a) College Algebra (or higher) 3 hrs.

(b) Liberal Arts Mathematics 3 hrs.

(c) Statistics 3 hrs.

Area III: Laboratory Science 8 semester hours *

(a) Astronomy 4-8 hrs.

(b) Biology 4-8 hrs.

(c) Chemistry 4-8 hrs.

(d) Geology 4-8 hrs.

(e) Physics 4-8 hrs.

Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences 6-9 semester hours

(a) Economics (Macro or Microeconomics) 3 hrs.

(b) Introductory Political Science 3 hrs.

(c) Introductory Psychology 3 hrs.

(d) Introductory Sociology 3 hrs.

(e) Introductory Anthropology 3 hrs.

Area V: Humanities and Fine Arts 6-9 semester hours

(a) Introductory History Survey 3 hrs.

(b) Introductory Philosophy 3 hrs.

(c) Introductory Course in History, Theory, or Aesthetics of the Arts or Literature 3 hrs.

(d) Language, Literature or Humanities 3 hrs.


Semester Begins 8/22/2012 Photo: Margaret McKinney / Highlands University Mariah White, a Highlands University junior biology major from Surprise, Ariz., studies at the Achieving in Research Math and Science center on campus Aug. 22. White, 20, is also a middle hitter for the Cowgirl volleyball team. Fall semester started at Highlands on Aug. 20.




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